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by Juraj Lehotský

Slovakia - Poland - Czech Republic

Matúš is a talented musician who abandoned his promising career after the death of his adoptive mother. While his stepbrother, Dávid, takes whatever life gives him, Matúš feels frustrated by his unfulfilled ambitions. When he unexpectedly runs into an old schoolmate, Albert, it suddenly appears that Matúš’s life is about to take a long-awaited turn for the better. But unlike Dávid, who finds contentment working at a seniors’ home, Matúš struggles to attain happiness even despite the success he enjoys in his new, “better” world. He gradually realises that happiness is a state of mind, that it’s hidden in the little things, and that a life well lived is also about whom one lives for.


World Premiere: Black Nights Tallinn IFF 2022 - Official Selection

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