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genre. documentary

length. 68 min

year. 2019

director. Johana Ozvold

production. Cinémotif Films.CZ Film de Force Majeure.FR Punkchart films.SK UPP.CZ Soundsquare.CZ Czech Television.CZ Radio and Television of Slovakia.SK školfilm.CZ Lyon Capitale TV.FR

premiere. Visions du Réel

The Sound Is Innocent is a playful and poetic journey through the history and the present of electronic sound. The music is a game, a playground. And for creating electronic music the main tool and toy is an instrument, a device, a machine… Our guide in this musical playground is Johana, music composer and director of the film. She escapes into a dreamlike space beyond time, the world of imagination. Electronic music here becomes a metaphor for our today’s rapidly changing world.